Indiana Pea Gravel: Definitive Guide

Turning a commercial or shared community space into an inviting, tranquil oasis means incorporating elements of nature, from lush local plants to small Indiana pea gravel. Each Indiana pea gravel stone is unique, and together, they can be used to create beautiful entryways, landscaping, patio areas or even a driveway or parking lot. Beautiful, versatile […]

Benefits of Topdressing Sand for Golf Courses

Shoreline Aggregate, Top Dressing Sand for Golf Courses

There’s a myth among golfers that topdressing ruins playability. When a golf course sprays course sand over its putting green, which can usually be seen as a shimmery top layer that reflects pale light in direct sun, it does indeed reduce the firmness of the playing surface for a while. This effect is temporary, however, […]

Using Recycled Concrete

Shoreline Aggregate, Recycled Concrete, Crushed Concrete

Recycled Concrete is made up of asphalt debris from other construction projects & used as aggregate for fill, road base or new concrete

Armour Stone and Erosion Control

Shoreline Aggregate, Armour Stone Aggregate, Armour Stone Aggregate in River Revetment and shoreline protection

Armour Stone is a natural quarry stone – durable and resistance to wear and erosion – often used in river revetment and erosion control.

Aggregates in Railroad Ballast

Shoreline Aggregate Railroad Ballast

Railroad ballast is one of the most demanding applications for aggregate, or crushed stone. Shoreline delivers both expertise and aggregates.

Aggregates in Rebuilding Infrastructure

Small towns and big cities are built with, connected by and maintained with aggregates. Aggregates are the basic building blocks upon which society is built. Today’s infrastructure – our roads, bridges, highways, airports, utilities, hospitals and more – are built using limestone, gravel, sand and crushed concrete.

Construction Aggregates 101


Construction aggregates include materials like sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag and geosynthetic aggregates used in the construction sector.

Shoreline Provides Golf Course Solutions

Shoreline offers a wide selection of limestone, sand and gravel for golf courses and sports field projects. Whether you are building a new course or maintaining your existing course, we have the products you need to create and maintain a quality course. With over 30 years of experience, our golf course materials meet the highest […]

Use Top Dressing Sand for a Smooth Golf Game

Golfers want perfect greens so that they can show off their golf skills.  The green shouldn’t be too soft or too hard, too wet or too dry.  It takes commitment and hard work to keep the correct balance on the greens so that golfers have a firm, smooth, resilient surface for golfing.   Top Dressing Sand Since golf […]

Cost Effectiveness in Locally Sourced Aggregates and Why Desert Sand is Useless

The Great Lakes region, which includes Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio, is an area rich in quality natural aggregates. Indiana is home to some of the best limestone yields in the country. Southern Michigan has plenty of quality sand, and Northern Michigan as well as Northern Wisconsin produce the finest granite. In Ohio, one […]

Did you know?

Aggregates make up nearly 95% of asphalt and up to 75% of concrete Many people don’t realize the amount of aggregates required to make the roads we travel on daily. That’s why when it comes to rebuilding our infrastructure, it starts with quality materials. Limestone, sand, gravel and air-cooled blast furnace (ACBF) slag are all […]

Landscaping Projects Are Happening

With Summer arriving and Fall just around the corner, many are starting their landscaping projects at their homes or businesses.  Landscaping with rocks and stones can be a long process but also has the benefits that homeowners want and appreciate in making their property have that “WOW” factor. There are many options when it comes to […]

Sand-Cap Systems

            The decision between natural grass and artificial turf has been an ongoing discussion in recent years. While both have their added benefits, it can be costly if all options are not considered. Artificial turf fields are increasingly popular among high schools and colleges, due to their perceived ease of maintenance and versatility in weather conditions. […]

Types of Sand Used in Construction

Sand is an important construction material. Not all sand is the same, and each types has its own purpose.  Sand used for construction must be clean and free of waste stones and other impurities.  It is an important construction component because it provides strength and sustaining ability.   What is Sand? Sand is a natural material composed of […]

Choosing Sand for Your Bunkers

Choosing the right sand for a golf course is serious business. The sand chosen for bunkers can impact playing quality and maintenance, as well as the style of construction and architecture of the course.  There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing the perfect sand, and each component can have a major impact […]

What You Should Know About Sand and Gravel

Unless you are working on a construction project, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about sand and gravel.  Easily accessible natural resources, sand and gravel are basic raw materials that are an important component used in construction.  The 2016 mineral commodity summary put out by the USGS tells that $7.2 billion worth of sand and gravel […]

Mason Sand

What is Mason Sand? Mason sand is created at the quarry by crushing granite, gneiss, limestone or trap rock and then running it through screens to remove all larger pieces.  It is finer than concrete sand. The smaller grains make mason sand more attractive than concrete sand.   Visually, it looks like beach sand and is often used […]

The Benefits of Landscape Stone

If you are looking to add curb appeal to your home or construction project, using landscape stone can provide an aesthetic appeal that is long lasting.  There are a wide variety of landscape stones that can add natural beauty to any home or business.  Not only will the end result look great, but it will also hold […]

Construction Mixes That Make Golf Courses Great

Golfers understand the importance of a properly constructed golf course that provides a firm and uniform surface for putting.  The quality of the golf course will make a difference in whether golfers return again or look elsewhere to play the beloved sport.  A great golf course will resist compaction from foot traffic and mowing, allow water and […]


Limestone is a sedimentary rock, meaning it forms from sediments—rock and sand that settle and accumulate over time at the bottom of water. In particular, limestone forms from the accumulation of shell, coral, algal and fecal debris in clear, shallow and warm marine waters, though it can also form in caves through evaporation.  Mostly composed of […]

Finding the Right Horse Arena Sand

Building a top quality horse arena depends on using high quality materials.  Finding the right horse arena sand will make a difference in how the horse arena turns out.  Issues that should be considered when choosing horse arena sand are drainage, base depth and materials, and type of top layer.  Ideally you want to create an arena with […]

What is Torpedo Sand?

Sand is a naturally occurring material that most of us don’t need to spend much time thinking about until we head to the beach for a fun day in the sun, take the kids out in the sandbox, or need it for a home or commercial construction project.  After all, sand is just sand, right?  It feels […]

What is Crushed Limestone Used For?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that has many uses in construction.  Shoreline provides INDOT, IDOT and MDOT state approved limestone that adhere to strict quality-control standards.  In addition to providing quality limestone products, Shoreline provides convenient delivery, competitive prices and excellent customer service.  Crushed limestone can be used for a variety of purposes, and whatever the project, Shoreline […]