Pro/Angle® – How Does Your Sand Measure Up?

Sand is a fine aggregate used in many different applications – both for golf course and sports turf use, and in construction projects. It’s important to select specific sands for specific applications – and not everyone realizes that all sand is not created equal. For golf course design, Pro/Angle is a well-known and trusted bunker sand – for good reason. Sand quality, appearance and playability of your sand bunkers matter when designing and caring for your golf course. How does your sand measure up?

Are all sands are the same?

No, sands vary in mineral composition, purity, hardness, particle shape and particle size distribution to name a few ways sands can vary.

Are all bunker sands the same as Pro/Angle®?

No, using our most recent independent lab testing, below are the key numbers and why there is no other bunker sand quite like Pro/Angle®.

Uniformity Coefficient (U.C.) is a numerical expression of the variety in particle sizes. A U.C. of 1.0 would mean that every particle is the same size. Pro/Angle’s U.C is 3.73 which represents a well graded sand, and the variety of particle sizes create a stable surface while allowing for good drainage.

Infiltration Rate is a measure of how quickly water permeates or passes through a substance or area by filtering or by insinuating gradually. Pro/Angle has an industry leading infiltration rate of 66.8 inches per hour. Your bunkers will not be retention ponds with Pro/Angle.

D85 is a calculation based on particle size that is a “bridging criteria,” to prevent movement of particles into or through adjacent materials. D85 is a key number in how a sand interacts with certain aggregate liner systems, Pro/Angle measures in at 1.46 which bridges nicely with those systems.

Penetrometer: A device forced into the sand to measure resistance to vertical penetration giving a measure of how well a sand resists buried balls, known as “fried eggs”. The scale runs from zero (low resistance) to 4.5 (high resistance). Pro/Angle has been performing in the 4.0-4.5 range, some of the highest penetrometer rates in the industry.

Hardness: Mineral hardness plays a role in the longevity and durability. Quartz is compound consisting of one part silicon and two parts oxygen. It is silicon dioxide (Silo2). It is the most abundant mineral found at Earth’s surface. Coming in at 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale of mineral hardness, quartz is as hard as steel. Pro/Angle’s near 100% purity of SiO2 yields an incredibly durable product that lasts and lasts.

What impacts how a sand performs in a designed application?

In addition to mineral composition and purity of sand, particle shape, size and particle distribution impact how a sand performs in a designed application. Naturally occurring sands are generally round as they were deposited by water or wind.

On the golf course, these sands are most often used for topdressing because of their ease of movement. That ease of movement is the opposite of what is desired in bunkers. Rain, wind, and golfers easily move rounded sand particles within the bunker creating the need for maintenance, fried egg lies, and inconsistent footing for golfers.

Pro/Angle® is 100% angular, it’s designed to stay in place.

What impacts how a sand handles drainage and moisture?

Particle size, shape and the distribution of those particles impact how a sand handles drainage and moisture. As mentioned above, the distribution of the particle sizes is referred to as the Uniformity Coefficient (UC). When a bunker sand is composed of small particles with a low UC, the pore spacing is impacted and the result is a slow draining bunker. Additionally, those tightly packed particles may retain moisture impacting the performance of the sand.

Pro/Angle’s particle size is larger than most bunker sands and the high uniformity coefficient (the distribution of the particles) create a premium performing bunker sand. Pro/Angle® drains at over 60 inches per hour, and retains moisture keeping the bunker firm, but not wet.

The image below is the same magnification of 3 different bunker sands…easy to spot the particle size and shape differences. Shoreline Aggregate Pro/Angle Golf Course Bunker Sand Examples

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Remember, when someone says that “It’s just like Pro/Angle®” – ask to see the data. Pro/Angle, the original 100 percent Bunker Sand, not only increases playability, it reduces the cost of bunker maintenance. The angular particle technology lends itself to greater wind resistance, superior slope retention, excellent drainage and greater overall product retention.

Choose Shoreline for your bunker sand needs. When you order bunker sand from Shoreline, you are ordering high quality materials at a great price. Contact us today to discuss your latest golf course project.

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