Finding the Right Horse Arena Sand

Building a top quality horse arena depends on using high quality materials.  Finding the right horse arena sand will make a difference in how the horse arena turns out.  Issues that should be considered when choosing horse arena sand are drainage, base depth and materials, and type of top layer.  Ideally you want to create an arena with a top layer that provides the horses with proper cushioning and grip.  The base layer should be firm and capable of resisting damage from hooves. Water should drain properly so that standing pools of water do not form on the arena.  

Arena Sand Depth

Some may be tempted to keep down the arena sand cost by skimping on the depth of the arena sand base.  This is never a good idea.  The quality and depth of the arena sand base has a great impact on the quality of the horse arena.  For a typical arena sand base start with a good clay base.  You may be able to excavate to a good layer of clay, but if not, bring in clay to make a good base.  Then apply a natural mix of gravel and sand.  Compact this layer and add lime.  Compact the lime and add crusher dust. Make sure to compact this to form the desirable firm base. Talk to a reputable arena sand distributer to learn more details about the best materials to use for the arena base. 

Arena Sand Prices

One way to keep down arena sand prices is to use distributors that obtain materials from local quarries.  Transporting materials is a considerable part of the cost and prices can be kept low by limiting the length of transportation.  Local materials results in shorter transportation hauls and lower costs.  Shoreline keeps transportations costs down by using local quarries to obtain materials. 

Best Materials for Drainage

A plan for drainage should be in place before construction starts.  When choosing sand, determine whether it will allow water to drain or if it will keep water pooling on the surface.  Consider whether water will run off and where it will go.  Save time and money by determining drainage in the beginning so that changes do not need to be made after the horse arena is built.  Discuss drainage with your sand and gravel supplier to determine the appropriate materials.  

Arena Sand Top Layer

While you want the top layer to provide a surface that allows for good traction and cushion, it is important that the top layer is neither too soft nor too hard.  The right materials allow you to create a surface that is just right.  Another consideration is that you don’t want the top surface to create too much dust or to simply run off during the first rainstorm.  River sand is a common material used for the top layer of a horse arena.  Talk with your sand supplier to determine the appropriate material for your top layer. 

Quality Arena Sand

Shoreline has quality horse arena sand for sale. We can provide you with the right materials for both the base layer and top layer of your horse arena project.  Our equestrian arena sand for the top layer is made with horses’ hooves in mind.  It is cleaned and washed so that there are no oversized materials.  The surface will not compact or get hard, yet it will provide good traction and a smooth feeling while also improving drainage and reducing dust.  Contact us today to learn more about our horse arena sand that has been successfully used to create high quality horse arenas.  

*We do not deliver to residential customers.*

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