Armour Stone and Erosion Control

River Revetment and Shoreline Protection

The Great Lakes shoreline is an actively eroding coast, with some estimates putting shoreline erosion rates as high as 17 feet per year. 

Erosion is the wearing away of the shoreline by forces moving sand and soil from one area to another. Waves, water levels, rain, wind, groundwater, frost and people all contribute to eroding shorelines – and aggregates play a role in protecting shorelines of the Great Lakes, inland lakes and rivers across the country.

Armour Stone is a natural quarry stone, chosen for its durability and resistance to wear and erosion. To guard against the eroding action of waves and flowing water, armour stone is used for wave protection of shorelines and erosion protection of streambanks, as well as in retaining walls and slope buttressing related to construction.

When used in erosion control efforts, Shoreline’s Armour Stone protects the shoreline of the Great Lakes as it is extremely durable to the harshest waves. It has also been widely specified by the US Corp of Engineers and consulting engineers for river revetment and diversion contracts. 

Revetment both prevents and lessons the damages of coastal erosion. River, or rock revetment is a way of absorbing the energy coming from incoming waves and water. Revetment walls are sloping structures made up of various layers of large stone and geo-textiles placed on banks and shorelines used to prevent shoreline loss.

On the Great Lakes, rock revetments is the preferred option for stone revetments and stone seawall construction. 

Advantages of Armour Stone River Revetment:

  • Absorb wave energy
  • Effective for generations
  • Protects the Great Lakes’ sand-bars and beaches from long-term damage
  • Assures natural beaches will re-form when water levels drop again
  • Typically cost-effective compared to other techniques
  • Great for protecting lakeshore assets

Consulting with coastal and marine construction experts when planning a rock revetment project is important. Give careful consideration to rock size, face slopes, crest elevation and crest width when designing Armour Stone structures on shorelines.

Shoreline Delivers

Shoreline is a major supplier to shore protection projects. We have a wide range of Armour Stone sizes available to meet the specific requirements. Contact Shoreline Aggregate today for your Armour Stone needs. 

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Shoreline Delivers

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