Use Top Dressing Sand for a Smooth Golf Game

Golfers want perfect greens so that they can show off their golf skills.  The green shouldn’t be too soft or too hard, too wet or too dry.  It takes commitment and hard work to keep the correct balance on the greens so that golfers have a firm, smooth, resilient surface for golfing.  

Top Dressing Sand

Since golf courses are made of living material, as the grass grows the surface changes.  A great golf course isn’t finished after the initial construction.  Continued maintenance is required to keep the course looking great.  As the grass grows, it produces a large root mass.  What is referred to as thatch is this layer of living and dead roots, crowns, rhizomes, stolons, and organic debris that form between the green and soil.  To prevent too much accumulation of this thatch layer, topdressing sand is layered on the green.  The topdressing sand mixes with the organic layer to promote air and water movement into the soil, which improves degradation of the organic material.  Too much thatch can hold water and make the golf course soggy.  

USGA® recommendations

Much research has been put into determining the ultimate properties of topdressing sand.  The USGA has determined recommendations based on their research.  All topdressing sand at Shoreline meets USGA recommendations for greens topdressing. 

Shoreline Top Dressing Sand

At Shoreline, we pride ourselves in providing top quality materials for every project.  We only use superior materials to create our topdressing sand.  Our topdressing sand:

  • Is Greens Grade Top Dressing Sand – No Fines
  • Meets all USGA® recommendations for greens topdressing
  • Has consistent particle sizes
  • Has great percolation and infiltration rates

You can choose topdressing sand to meet the needs of your project.  We have topdressing sand of different consistencies.  Order what you need to fit your project. Choose from:

  • 100% Top Dressing sand
  • 90 / 10 Top Dressing sand with peat or compost
  • 80 / 20 Top Dressing sand with peat or compost
  • 70 / 30 Top Dressing sand with peat or compost

Order Your Top Dressing Sand TodayChoose Shoreline for your topdressing sand needs. When you order topdressing sand from Shoreline, you are ordering high quality materials at a great price. With exceptional customer service and more than thirty years of experience, Shoreline is the place to get topdressing sand. For your next golf course project, order topdressing sand from Shoreline.

*We do not deliver to residential customers.*

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