Sports Turf Aggregates – It’s not a level playing field

From golf sand bunkers to baseball diamonds, sports turf aggregates help athletic fields perform as well as the athletes who use them.
Shoreline Aggregate Sports Turf

If you think all sand is the same, you have not talked to a pro golfer or a sand volleyball player. Every turf manager who maintains a football field knows topdressing can make all the difference. When it comes to sports turf aggregates – it’s not a level playing field. 

From golf course sand traps to playing field surfaces and horse racing tracks, sports turf aggregates ensure athletic fields perform as well as the players who use them.

Sports Turf Topdressing

Topdressing is the process of applying a thin layer of sand or soil to the surface of an established golf course greens or playing field. Topdressing smooths out the surface of athletic fields. It also fills the aerification holes with amendments to keep these channels open for air and water to move into the root zone. When done correctly, topdressing can be an effective way of creating a more uniform playing surface, and is a common use of sports turf aggregates.

Bunker Sand

A strategic part of the game of golf, sand bunkers test a golfer’s skill. They also greatly impact the visual appeal of a course. As such, sand bunkers are a top concern for golf course superintendents. Knowing how to select a bunker sand that is best for your course-specific conditions is critical to creating quality playing conditions and maximizing the longevity of your sand bunkers.

Divot Tee Mixtures

Divot mixes are composed of sand and peat – and are the ideal fix for golf course tee box divots, fairways divots, and practice range divots. Shoreline’s mixes are designed for increased moisture, nutrient retention and seed germination.

Red Granite

Shoreline’s Red Granite, a popular sport turf aggregates, is often used as baseball field and softball field warning track stone. It offers excellent appearance and playability. Red Granite also creates superior drainage for fewer puddles or standing water and solid footing to keep your athletes safe.


All sand is not created equal when it comes to volleyball. The right volleyball sand has consistent texture, quality and color to ensure excellent playability. It must also be sand screened to drain well, not crust and provide firmness.

Shoreline Delivers

Our team of experts in golf and sports turf aggregates have over 35 years of experience. We are here to ensure your playing field is in the best shape possible. We can help you select the ideal solution for your unique course or field conditions and goals. Contact us today to get started!

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