Road Base for Road Construction – INDOT #53 Limestone’s Many Uses

As with any foundation, a strong, sturdy base is the only way to start if you want to construct something that will last. All roads start out with a road base, or subgrade. The foundation must be strong and stable to support the road surface and the weight of the vehicles driving over every day.

Road Base materials can be granite, crushed gravel or limestone, which are then compacted to form a hard surface. While there are many options for materials to use as a road base, the one with the most advantages is crushed limestone. 

#53 Crushed Limestone – 1″ minus

Being a sturdy, natural stone material, crushed limestone aggregates make a strong road base. Shoreline’s INDOT #53 Limestone is often the road base choice for road construction projects in our service area. It is also frequently used in paving substrates, hard stands, parking areas, footpaths and driveways. #53 Limestone has 1″ material down to dust, making it great for compaction.

Because limestone is 100% crushed, it has an angular shape that causes friction between particles. This friction gives it superior strength over traditional sand, gravel or recycled material. Engineers will often spec limestone because they are able to use less material and achieve equal or greater strength than sand and gravel. The nature of the angular rock also allows for drainage while still providing solid compaction.

A quick glance at a few Shoreline projects includes road base used in driveways, parking lots and heavy road construction.

Additionally, road base layers must be able to endure any climate change the roadway may encounter. Several additives can be used to alter the function of the road and make it ideal for its specific climate. For example, areas prone to cold weather often have a frost blanket added to the base. This blanket is usually composed of crushed aggregate and sand.

Is road base good for a driveway?

A crushed limestone road base gravel driveway is a classic, low-maintenance solution for many residents in rural areas. Crushed limestone road base remains a popular driveway material, not only for its aesthetics, but also for its relatively low cost compared to alternatives.

You’ll find it is very reliable can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles without being too rough for small cars. For a healthy, long-lasting driveway, it’s wise to apply a fresh layer of crushed limestone road base to the surface at least every one to two years.

Shoreline Delivers

Shoreline’s INDOT #53 Limestone is made from top quality limestone. Our team of experts in construction aggregates has over 35 years of experience. We can help you select the ideal solution for your specific project specifications and goals. Contact us today to get started.

*We do not deliver to residential customers.*

Shoreline Delivers

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