Mason Sand

What is Mason Sand?

Mason sand is created at the quarry by crushing granite, gneiss, limestone or trap rock and then running it through screens to remove all larger pieces.  It is finer than concrete sand. The smaller grains make mason sand more attractive than concrete sand.   Visually, it looks like beach sand and is often used in projects where appearance is important.  

What is Mason Sand Use For?

Since it is visually appealing, mason sand is used for a wide range of projects.  It can be mixed with concrete for laying bricks, blocks and stones.  Since it has a fine grain appearance it is often used for swimming pools and laying paving stones.  Other uses include: drainage systems, golf course bunkers, and airport runways.  

Mason Sand in the Sandbox

Mason sand is a very fine, beach type sand. For this reason it is popular for use in children’s sand boxes and makes a great choice for beach sand or volleyball courts.  The fine, uniform granules make a great sandy surface for playing.  

Order Shoreline Mason Sand

Like all our products, our mason sand is made from top quality materials.  Order our mason sand for your next construction project and you will get superior mason sand that makes your project look great.  Whether you are building a swimming pool, putting in a patio or filling the backyard sandbox, Shoreline’s mason sand will give you the results you want.  Call today to learn more about our many Shoreline products.  

*We do not deliver to residential customers.*

Shoreline Delivers

If you are looking for the right company that offers supply and transport for your construction business, contact Shoreline Aggregate today. Shoreline offers a wide selection of limestone, sand and gravel products for road construction, golf courses and sports field projects. We deliver aggregates throughout Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Quarries are strategically located for quick delivery and competitive pricing.