Aglime: The Secret to Plentiful Crops

Shoreline Aggregate, Aglime, Agricultural Limestone

Agricultural lime is invaluable to farmers, gardeners & homeowners. Known as Aglime, this finely crushed limestone effectively treats many soil problems.

Using Recycled Concrete

Shoreline Aggregate, Recycled Concrete, Crushed Concrete

Recycled Concrete is made up of asphalt debris from other construction projects & used as aggregate for fill, road base or new concrete

Armour Stone and Erosion Control

Shoreline Aggregate, Armour Stone Aggregate, Armour Stone Aggregate in River Revetment and shoreline protection

Armour Stone is a natural quarry stone – durable and resistance to wear and erosion – often used in river revetment and erosion control.

Aggregates in Railroad Ballast

Shoreline Aggregate Railroad Ballast

Railroad ballast is one of the most demanding applications for aggregate, or crushed stone. Shoreline delivers both expertise and aggregates.

Aggregates in Rebuilding Infrastructure

Small towns and big cities are built with, connected by and maintained with aggregates. Aggregates are the basic building blocks upon which society is built. Today’s infrastructure – our roads, bridges, highways, airports, utilities, hospitals and more – are built using limestone, gravel, sand and crushed concrete.