Aglime Overview

Agricultural lime, also known as aglime, is an additive used to reduce soil acidity. Made from crushed limestone, its active component is calcium carbonate. Aglime dissolves into the soil and reduces acidity. Additionally, aglime improves nutrient and water uptake and also protects the soil from wind erosion. Aglime can also improve the fertilizer efficiency by as much as 50% and makes certain herbicides more effective. Purchase your aglime from Shoreline to reduce your soil acidity and improve nutrient uptake.

The Problem with Acidity in Soil
Erosion, leaching and decomposition of organic material over time increase the acidity of soil. This can have a negative impact on crops. When there is too much acidity, minerals like aluminum and manganese become soluble. These minerals are toxic to plants and can cause plants to yellow, pucker or burn. Nutrients needed by plants like calcium and magnesium tend to be deficient in acidic soils. Furthermore, beneficial bacteria in the soil cannot survive in acidic conditions.

Benefits of Aglime
Adding aglime to soil reduces the acidity and improves crops. Among the many benefits of using aglime are that it: Improves the chemical, physical and biological properties of soil Promotes nitrogen fixation by legumes Increases nutrients available to plants Reduces toxicities in soil Makes herbicides more effective Supplies needed minerals like calcium and magnesium to plants

Quality of Aglime
Aglime particles must be small to affect the soil acidity. The lime is crushed into small particles to make it the most effective. Most crops do best with a pH between 5.5 and 7. Make sure to test soil before adding aglime because alkaline soil is not optimal either. The pH must be carefully balanced for optimal results.

Shoreline Aglime
As with all our products, Shoreline’s aglime is made from top quality limestone. Our aglime will help neutralize acids in soil to create the ideal conditions for crops. We strive to provide great products and excellent customer service. Call us today to learn more about our aglime and how it can help create the soil you desire. Shoreline—Building things that matter.